Russell Hobbs Pop-up Toaster 「Turbo Toaster」7780JP【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: Russell Hobbs

Details: Product features ★ Delicious happiness you can taste in 1 minute 30 seconds ◆ Designed exclusively for toast. So, the taste is different. ● The trick to bread bread deliciously is to bake the pan surface quickly by confining the moisture of the bread. If it is a pop-up style "Russell Hobbs Turbo Toaster", you can bake it by baking bread in a slot, playing the role of a lid of bread, and moisture. So it does not become Pasapasa, the surface is fluffy and soft inside. You can enjoy the fluffy texture enough to steam. ◆ Density control knob ● There are 8 stages of baking adjustment. You can freely set your favorite grill. ◆ FROZEN (frozen pan button) ● When you press the frozen pan button, the position of the normal knob is automatically adjusted for frozen bread as it is. Unzip the frozen bread and bake it. ◆ CANCEL (Cancel button) ● You can cancel it even during the baking process. ◆ REHEAT (warm button) ● You can warm cold bread. ◆ Bread scrap tray ● It is designed to pull out the waste trash and pull it out. You can remove bread waste falling into the slot.