Saeco Sm7684/04 Espresso Machine, Titanium 1.7L Touch Screen & Saeco Espresso Machine, Gray 0.25L Plastic

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Brand: Saeco

Color: Silver


  • Product 1: Premier programming - the xelsis lets you program everything. From milk and espresso volume to dose, temperature, and texture only thing holding back your morning drink is you
  • Product 1: User profile - and, once you have your favorite drinks dialed-in, you can save them to your dedicated profile for easy access
  • Product 1: Touchscreen control - The xelsis showcases its programming prowess with an accurate 3. 5" Touchscreen
  • Product 1: Hygiesteam system - An upgrade to the steam systems of old, the xelsis Fridge-ready milk carafe packs in texture control and automated purge and clean cycles
  • Product 2: Protects your system against lime scale build-up
  • Product 2: Adjustable settings for different aroma levels
  • Product 2: Regular decalcification extends lifetime and enhances taste
  • Product 2: Package dimensions: 1.0inches L x 1.0inches W x 1.0inches H

Details: Saeco Xelsis Super Automatic Espresso Machine, Titanium Metal Front, SM7684/04 Exquisite coffee, easily crafted to your taste. Craft 15 drinks at a touch with Coffee Equalizer. From delicious espresso to perfect cappuccino - create coffee experiences that satisfy your demands. Simply swipe the touchscreen to choose from 15 recipes. Saeco CA6700/47 Espresso Machine Liquid Descaler Decalcifying your espresso machine regularly is essential to make sure it keeps performing at its best. This special espresso machine descaler removes scale and prevents corrosion, protecting your appliance and extending its lifetime.