Sengoku SET-G16A(K) HeatMate Graphite Compact Countertop Toaster Oven with 4 Non-Stick Pans for Toasting and Baking, 120 Volt, Black

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Brand: Sengoku

Color: Black


  • REVOLUTIONARY: Graphite heating technology
  • INSTANT HEAT: Reaches maximum output in 0.2 seconds
  • COST EFFECTIVE: No need to pre-heat as graphite technology provides more heat from less wattage
  • SPACE SAVER: Perfect countertop size toaster oven will fit four bread slices or 9" pizza
  • HEAT & TIMER SETTINGS: Set timer from 1 minute to 15 minutes and your heat from 200F to 550F

Details: Product Description The stylish Sengoku HeatMate Graphite Grill & Toaster Oven uses revolutionary graphite heating to toast, grill, bake, roast, re-heat and keep food warm. Because graphite heating is quick and efficient to use not only does it save you time it also is cost effective. Great for individuals or families on the go that need a quick and delicious meal without waiting to pre-heat an oven. The toaster comes with a handy grill rack, griddle pan, flat pan and toasting net accessories. Handy slide out as door opens rack provides easy access to flip or remove food items without having to use oven mitts to pull the rack out. There is a slide out crumb tray to remove droppings and a 3.9 foot extension cord. Runs on 120v / 60hz / 1600 w power source. From the Manufacturer Sengoku | Alternative Heating Solution - With over 60 years of experience; Sengoku has become a global leading manufacturer of alternative heating products. Everything that we design and develop is with a focus on continuing to exceed the industry’s quality standards and saving money for our customers. Our kerosene heaters offer the top features customers expect - safety features such as automatic shut-off and safety grills. Our heaters offer convenient features like easy-read fuel gauges and automatic ignition for fast; push-button starting. Our products are innovated to incorporate and meet the priorities and demands of today's consumers.