Sharp Water Oven HEALSIO Gurie AX-H2-R (RED)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】

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Details: Product features ★ HEALSIO's superheated steam makes my day more delicious ◆ It is easy to clean the inside of the cabinet. ● Glass is also attached to the inside of the door. ● Easy to clean inside the cabinet by simply wiping off bread crumbs and water drops. ● The coating tray, which is sold separately, has become standard equipment and usability has improved further. ◆ To a deliciousness like freshly baked with plenty of superheated steam ● After putting water in the water tank and putting bread in the cabinet, preparation is completed. ● Using plenty of superheated steam unique to HEALSIO, quickly baking the surface while heating the center of the food material firmly. ● Rest crispy outside, fluffy inside, restore taste like freshly baked. ◆ Healthy as it drops deliciousness & extra oil like freshly made ● With plenty of superheated steam heating, the tempura is as delicious as freshly made! ● The frozen side dishes are heated deliciously with the superheated steam. ● It is very healthy because of the oil removal effect of dropping extra oil. ◆ The usual toast feast! Simultaneously cook morning set ● Outside is heavy, inside is dirty. The toast baked with superheated steam boasts that "baking color and texture are delicious!". ◆ Glad calorie down with non-fried cooking ● Cook the non-fried while dropping the fat content contained in the meat with the ease of just arranging the prepared poultry in the tray. ● Fried from deliciously healthy and easy to make. ● It is unnecessary to clean fried oil and pan. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※