Silit "Sicomatic - T-Plus Duo Pressure Cooker, Black, 3/4.5 Litre

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Brand: Silit

Color: Black


  • Scaling on the inside makes measuring amounts easier
  • Colour coded doneness indicator
  • Suitable for all types of cookers

Details: Untitled Document Sicomatic t-plus - Fast, healthy cooking to the point The faster cooking in airtight Sicomatic reduces cooking times by up to 70 %, preserves valuable vitamins and minerals, and does this with simultaneous energy savings, easier handling and maximum safety. The user-friendly one-handed cooking stage regulator offers a different option: Three fixed adjustable cooking levels provide flexibility, variety and a success of food. The integrated residual pressure of the Sicomatic t-plus shows itself to be a safety guarantor and provides lasting relaxation. For all its technical superiority, the maintenance-free all-metal valve is actually uncomplicated, easy to clean and durable. The lid is easily rinsed under running water and proves itself to be a comfort-miracle. Basic description:  → Silargan - functional ceramics with non-porous surface closed and nickel free  → For all types of hobs, including induction.  → Three fixed adjustable cooking levels for gentle and fast cooking to the point.  → User-friendly one-handed cooking level regulator - perfect ease.  → Highly visible power display, integrated residual pressure safety.  → Maintenance-free, all-metal valve.  → Hermetic system - more flavour, less energy.  → Ergonomic handles.  → Sicomatic - Quick & healthy The name Silit is closely connected with the development of the pressure cooker. One of the first pressure cookers was the Silit Siko. Siko means nothing other than "security saucepan". Warms liquids in a hermetically sealed container, to form steam, so that it creates pressure and an elevated temperature. This leads to considerably shorter cooking times of food - hence the name Quick Cooking. Quick cooking is therefore more energy efficient. Since water in vapour form takes up a thousand times more space than in liquid form, the resulting pressure has to be regulated by a valve. Therefore, this valve is of great importance. The qualitative differences in the market are serious. In more than 80 years of research and development we have further improved our pressure cookers both in form and technique. Thus trust the original: Silit Siko. The Sicomatic principle valve system: Valve system. Valve technology ensures safe and healthy cooking. The steam is blown away gently and evenly. The maintenance-free valve needs to be either removed or disassembled for cleaning. Simply rinses clean under running water. Hermetic system: The Hermetic system, consisting of a main valve and totally sealed pressure indication system, prevents unnecessary release of steam. You will need less cooking water. You save time and energy when starting up and slow cooking. The hermetically sealed Sicomatic protects the food from loss of flavour, and preserves essential vitamins and minerals. Adjustable temperature control: Stage I - early cooking stage: For steaming foods with short cooking times such as fish, poultry and vegetables. Constant temperature: 105°C. Stage II - Quick Cooking level: For cooking and stewing food with longer cooking times such as meat and stews. Constant temperature: 119°C. Non-porous sealed    surface      Harder than steel, ceramics and non-porous, cut and abrasion resistant Nickel free      Great for allergy sufferers. Made in Germany      Convincing quality.