siroca Full Automatic Coffee Maker SC-A221KT (Tungsten Black)【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】【Ships from Japan】

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Brand: siroca

Details: Product features ★ Full Automatic Coffee Maker is Coffee Maker built in Mill, which Coffee can enjoy from freshly ground beans. ◆ Built-in Mill, you can fully Drip up fully ● By incorporating Mill in the main body, Coffee can be brewed fully automatically from freshly ground Coffee Beans at any time. ◆ Stainless Mesh Filter, extracts every oil of Beans, so tasty ● Paper Filter can not pass, because it extracts oil from Coffee Beans, it will be more delicious and tasty Coffee finished. ● Since Mesh Filter can be used as many times as wash, unlike Paper Filter, it will not be disposable. ◆ In the "steaming" process, further delicious Coffee delicious ● siroca Full Automatic Coffee Maker programed the steaming process to extract the original taste of Coffee and began to make delicious Coffee. ◆ Compact size and easy to handle ● While incorporating Mill, it is a compact size that is not troubled at the place. ◆ Easy to clean ● Wash parts can be removed entirely, so it is easy to clean. Baskets with Mill can be removed whole and washed with water. ◆ Coffee Beans / Coffee Powder Both ● Coffee can be brewed automatically from Powder as well as being automatically brewed from Beans. Coffee brewed from Coffee Powder that we grinded to the roughness of your choice is also exceptional. ◆ Automatic fine-grinding for making delicious Coffee In order to deliciously drip Coffee, this Full Automatic Coffee Maker automatically performs fine grinding according to the number of cups. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※