SMIRLY Butcher Block Cutting Board: Large Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen, Large Wooden Cutting Board, Extra Large Cutting Board Wood Chopping Block, Walnut Cutting Board Large, End Grain Cutting Board

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  • ✅Your Cooking Partner for Years - A wooden kitchen cutting board is a favorite of chefs everywhere. The distinctive features of our end grain cutting board are strength and durability. Our hardwood meat carving board is resistant to gouges, won't dull your knives, and is easy to clean. We have taken decades of woodworking knowledge and crafted a superior walnut cutting board to bring you a versatile kitchen surface that will serve you for years to come.
  • ✅Quick, Easy, and Convenient Food Prep is Yours - Our butcher block is thicker than most cutting boards on the market and can be used on both sides, saving you time and adding tons of convenience. On one side, our oversized cutting board has a 3-compartment design suitable for prepping, chopping, or holding diced veggies or cheeses and transfers quickly to an attractive charcuterie board for entertaining. The flip side comes equipped with a deep juice groove to catch excess liquids.
  • ✅The Wonders of Walnut - The strength and stability of walnut never fall short of your expectations. End grain cuts of this hardwood produce a gorgeous oversized cutting board that reveal an exquisite look full of exceptional character and color. Our walnut boards won't crack, warp, or splinter. Handles for easy carrying, juice grooves, dual sided use, and non-slip feet let you fall in love with the efficiency while admiring the exceptional beauty and charm it brings to your kitchen.
  • ✅Terrific Trio & Perfect Gift Set - As a valued customer, you'll receive a complimentary set of matching walnut salt and pepper grinder. These two bonus items work well with our unique board. This set of 3 gorgeous walnut accessories comes in a decorative box and is ready for gift giving. Three essential components of a great kitchen.
  • ✅It's Worth the Investment - Our end grain walnut cutting board is a worthy investment for any kitchen. After cuts are made in our end grain block, the fibers pull back together to resume their original position in a self-healing manner, ensuing serious longevity, so your SMIRLY board can be passed down for generations to come. Plastic boards may come and go, but ours is here for the long haul.

Details: At SMIRLY, we understand there are infinite choices out there when it comes to kitchen cutting boards. You probably own a set of cheap plastic slabs that warp, smell, stain, and dull blades. These plastic boards may have seemed like a bargain, but if you have to replace them every year, are they really worth it? Maybe you've even considered buying a low-grade wood board made from over harvested forests around the world, that can't hold up to serious kitchen use. Whatever the case may be, it's time to consider an investment in the future well-being of your family and your kitchen. We have taken the best elements of all available cutting boards on the market today and crafted a product that is not only exceptionally beautiful but incredibly functional and practical. SMIRLY's End Grain Walnut Cutting Board is packed with amazing features and benefits: Impeccable Quality Unique Beauty Extreme Durability Highly Resistant to Nicks, Cuts, Grooves Slip Resistant Feet Deep Juice Groove Double Sided Use Multi-Functional Practical Easy To Clean Perfectly Sized at 17 x 13 x 1.5 inches Excellent Charcuterie Board And here is what your SMIRLY Walnut Board Will NOT do: Warp Splinter Crack Dull Knives Leave you feeling embarrassed when you pull out a stained, over used, pathetic looking plastic board that should really have been thrown in the trash months ago. We've taken nature's finest woods, utilized decades of woodworking know how, and produced a stunningly attractive butcher block cutting board that will deliver years of service. At SMIRLY, our innovative products are designed with your needs in mind.