Staub Cast Iron 3.75-qt Essential French Oven - Dark Blue, Made in France

Brand: STAUB

Color: Dark Blue


  • Self-basting Chester spikes continuously keep food moist
  • Exceptional heat distribution and retention cast iron is famous for
  • Matte black enamel interior heats and enhances caramelization, excellent searing
  • Versatile design goes from oven to Table
  • Enameled cast iron is easy to clean and doesnî"ãã–t require seasoning

Details: Stab enameled cast iron cookware is the top choice for chefs and home cooks alike. Rooted in French culinary heritage, Stab renowned cocottes are timeless pieces, perfect for casual meals or sumptuous suppers. The essential French Oven with Chester lid is the latest star in the cast iron collection. Like Stab signature flat lid, The domed Chester lid has excellent self-basting properties. Usually, a convex lid causes condensation to Fall to the sides. The innovative, Chester drop-structure lid solves this problem by putting a twist on traditional spikes. Moisture cascades from the whole lid. This continuous basting s delectable roast chicken and braised short ribs. What inspired this original design? Basque pelota players use wicker basket cisterns to scoop up balls and hurl them quickly. Under Stab new lids, The cisterna-shaped curves gather condensation to shower moisture upon the delicious dish that simmers inside.