T-FAL Pressure Cooker ClipsoMinut Easy 6.0L (Ruby Red) P4620769【Japan Domestic Genuine Products】 【Ships from Japan】

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Brand: T-fal

Details: Product features ★ Easy opening and closing with one hand! For those who are busy, ease to pressure cook. ◆ 30% lighter (compared to our conventional products) ● Lightened, easy to use even when cooking, easy to put in and out. ◆ Easy to clean ● With a simple structure lid, it is easy to wash without troublesome parts removal. ◆ Easy opening and closing with one hand ● Just by raising and lowering the handle, you can simultaneously "unlock / lock" and "lid opening / closing". ◆ Time cooking! ● Compared to cooking with a normal pan, reduce cooking time up to 1/3. Moreover, to finish like thoroughly cooked. ◆ Relief even for the first pressure cooking ● T-fal's own five safety designs. ● ① "Pressure regulating valve" ● ② "Safety valve" ● ③ By the function of "Packing", adjust the pot so that the pressure inside the pot can be kept constant automatically. ● ④ When the lid is not tightly closed due to the function of "safety lock pin", pressure is not applied. ● ⑤ It is a mechanism that the lid will not open during pressure. ◆ Affordable set with accessories ● Contains a convenient basket for steamed dishes. ◆ Corresponds to all heat sources ● It can be used for any heat source including electrothermal cooker (IH). ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※