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Thick Black Plastic Cutting Board 24x18 Extra Large for Restaurants

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Color: Black

Details: Restaurant and Food Service Black Cutting Board, 24x18 Inch Extra Large Designed for professional food service, these cutting boards are engineered with specialty poly that provides superior performance over other standard plastics. Featuring a true one inch thick surface composed of high density polypropylene (HDPP), these boards surpass all standards and are NSF certified as well. Black coded for HACCP standards for preparation of pastry, bread and dough. The HDPP vs HDPE / PE difference: Warp resistant and withstands dishwashers up to 215 F vs 185 F Better wear - Resists acids (stains), solvents (bleach, cleaners) and other oils Longer durability - Higher density material with stronger structural composition Less sliding - Heavier weight provides better surface grip Superior cold resistance - Can safely use in freezers or cold storage without degrading board life Side by side, our cutting boards are far preferred by restaurants for overall cost and investment due to the longer life span. Plus, no fighting with wobbly cutting boards that are a both a safety risk for knife cuts and also sanitation. Each board is lightly textured to add tactile sensation and grip as well. Weighs 13 pounds. Measures 23-13/16 x 17-13/16 x 1 inches.