Tiger oven toaster"YAKITATE" KAE-G13N (Red)

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Brand: Tiger

Color: Red

Details: Product description ★ "Wide chamber inside" width of clear space size about 30 × depth of about 27.5 × height about 10 cm. ★ Widespread burning whole pizza with a diameter of about 10 inches (25 cm). ◆ French toast with a dish cook tray ● Since a deep dish tray is included, French toast is also a hand. The usual morning, at a slightly different time. ◆ Bake toast deliciously ● Arrange three heaters for optimum burning of toast without burning uniformly with the optimum wattage. ● 550 W from the top, 750 W from the bottom (400 W forward, 350 W backward) gives heat. This is the Tiger's commitment balance. ◆ Disintegrate, washable net, bread crumb tray ● Easy to clean as it can easily be disassembled because it can be washed and bread tray easily. ◆ Stepless temperature adjustment & 30 minutes long timer ● Stepless temperature adjustment of about 80 to 250 degrees, long timer of maximum 30 minutes. The repertoire of cuisine extends from slowly slowly warming to quickly and thoroughly heating. ◆ Inside wide bread cake delicious bread ● To bake bread deliciously even in a large storage room with a horizontal width of about 30 cm and a height of 10 cm. ◆ Triple heater heat of 1300 W ● Adopted galvanized steel sheet with high heat reflection on the side. In addition, it promotes heat reflection to the front with an angle at the rear part of the cabinet, and baked the toast fragrantly.