TIGER Steam Convection Oven "GRAND X YAKITATE (Freshly Baked)" KAX-X130-WF (Frost White)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: Tiger

Color: White

Details: Product features ★ Outside is calico of charcoal fire, inside is juicy. ● Steam & heater draws out the taste of ingredients. ◆ Fast heat carbon heater & far infrared heater ● Feeling like crispy outside like a burned charcoal fire produced by "hot heat carbon heater" from the top and 2 "far red heaters" from the bottom. ◆ Steam Convolution ● The ingredients are moisturized with steam uniformly distributed in the warehouse, and the inside feels juicy texture. ◆ Convenient toast menu key ● You can choose the number of baked items or the presence or absence of steam. ● Frozen toast is also heavy. It is a fulfilling toast function that you can choose the grilling color in three stages. ◆ 21 kinds of auto menu key ● Baked meat and vegetables are also baked juicy from the warm. ● It also has a cleaning function. ◆ Temperature control in increments of 10 degrees ● It can be set from about 80℃ to 250℃. ● Easy to turn and easy to match dial knob. ◆ 30 minutes long timer ● It can cook a wide range from things slowly warming slowly in combination with temperature control function, to quickly and thoroughly heating. ◆ Touch panel ( ※ ● Japanese display) ● Just touch lightly. ● Easy smart operation. ◆ In the big room ● Four baking toasts burn in Paris fluff at a time. ◆ Easy to take shelf ● It is a structure that makes it easy to take out sliced ​​bread straight. ◆ Cooking tray of enameled processing ● Konpaku plain roasted. ● It is easy to clean. ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※