TIGER Toaster Oven"YAKITATE" KAK-A100-W (White)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: Tiger

Color: White

Details: Product features ★ Easy operation, easy-to-use compact design type. ◆ Even in a compact space inside the cabinet "Compact & Wide Inside" ● Pizzas of about 20 cm in diameter are baked whole. ◆ Thermal power can be chosen according to the menu Thermal power 5 stages switching ● You can choose Strong / Medium / Up / Down according to the menu. ◆ Surface is brilliant, inside is moistly baked high power 1000 W ● Adopted 1000 W heater. It can also be used for cooking gratin and pizza, as well as toast. ◆ Far-red heater ● I bake it with a far infrared heater (upper). ◆ "Net shaped gridiron" to suppress burning unevenness ● Bread and rice cake also keeps baking uneven and gets deliciously delicious. ◆ Remove bread crumb tray / gridiron ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※