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TIGER Toaster Oven"YAKITATE" KAM-G130-R (Red)【Japan Domestic genuine products】

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Brand: Tiger

Color: Red

Details: Product features ★ Easy cooking & warm up inside wide store "Baked Energy" Cooking Toaster ◆ Inside a wide-big cabinet with a width of about 30 cm ● We adopted a large interior space with a width of about 30 cm and a depth of 26.5 cm. ● Starting with 10 inch (about 25 cm) pizza, you can also heat the whole dish by heating. ◆ High power 1300 W ● Adopted 1300 W heater. It can also be used for cooking gratin and pizza, as well as toast. ◆ Stepless temperature adjustment & 30 minutes long timer ● We adopted stepless temperature control of about 80 to 250 degrees and long timer of maximum 30 minutes. ● The repertoire of cuisine extends from slowly warming things to quickly and thoroughly heated. ◆ Three heater adhering to "baking" ● I will bake quickly and keep burning uneven. ● The upper heater is painted with far red coating, finish is barking. ◆ Slide design "easy-to-take shelf" and "net shaped gridiron" ● Slide design that straight gridiron comes up Elegance with height is also easy to cook. ● Also, since gridiron is designed beforehand, it makes it easier to get hot toast and back stuff. ● The net shape gridiron, tasty bread and rice cake suppressing burning unevenness delicious! ◆ Wave type cooking tray (deep dish) of silicon processing convenient for cooking ● It is easy to clean with silicone processing, and it is healthy because it is corrugated and excess oil and moisture easily fall. ※ ★ Detailed description: Newsbridge