TIMEMORE Chesnut X coffee grinder Manual Grinder (Grinder, Black)

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Color: Black


  • Burr is the core component that determines grinding quality. Our newly developed S2C burr upgrade the grinding quality of manual grinder to the racing level. S2C burr adopts a segmented grinding scheme that is spike and then cut, which makes coffee grinding more labor-saving and at the same time greatly reduces the fine powder during the grinding process.
  • The featured foldable handle was originally derived from our design on Nano. Now we bring this design to our flagship product.
  • Inspired by professional electric grinders, Macro-Micro dual adjustment can provide a precision range of grinder setting, which can significantly improve the extraction results when making espresso.
  • The uni-body aluminum container is easily attached via magnets. A convenient design for twist and tighten, and of course, washable.

Details: Chestnut X Burr:S2C Size:160mm*55mm