TIMEMORE Premium Manual Coffee Grinder with 42mm Stainless Steel Conical Burr, Hand Coffee Grinder with High Precision Adjustable Setting, French Press Pour Over Coffee Hand Grinder - Xlite, Black

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Color: Xlite


  • BALANCED FLAVOR: Professinal patented S2C880 42mm conical burrs which could get a very refined coffee powder with high consistency nearly equals to electric grinder. you’ll capture the coffee’s full flavor and aroma in your brews.
  • HIGH PRECISION ADJUSTMENT: 24-clicks grind adjustment with precise 0.5 scale separates the Xlite from most other hand grinders; no more counting, directly rotate the dial according to your preference to get all kinds of brews from espresso to pour over and French press.
  • EXQUISITE DESIGN: Sleek and pure black body with a redesigned handle showing a more aesthetic look, but in the meantime, a small but practical modification of a silicone, non-slip bottom is also added for increasing the comfort of use.
  • EASE GRINDING: Simple body with anti-slip textured offer this manual burr coffee grinder an extra grip; also the ergonomically shaped crank handle that spins smoothly allows you to grind 30 grams flavored coffee in one minute.
  • INTEGRATED METAL BODY FOR LONGER LASTING: Aluminum alloy body makes Timemore grinder a great light coffee grinder for travel or camping. At the same time, durability is guaranteed by the stainless steel crank handle, driveshaft, and the conical burrs.

Details: TIMEMORE coffee grinders are your valuable choice for making cups of delicious coffee. Features: ✦Durability: Metal body make our timemore grinder looks more luxurious and longer-lasting. ✦Adjustable Grinding Settings: Choose your preference from finer to coarseness ✦Portability: You can make delicious coffee everywhere, go camping or travelling with your grinder! ✦More Aroma: With lower speed and less heat, the hand coffee grinder helps your coffee bean release their best flavor. ✦Easy To Clean: Stainless steel burr and driveshaft are easy to disassemble for cleaning (It is recommended using a brush but no immerse in water)