TWINBIRD Mirror Glass Toaster Oven TS-4047W (WHITE)【Japan Domestic genuine products】 【Ships from JAPAN】

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Brand: Twinbird

Details: Product features ◆ We pursued designability, even to the details leading to the handle. ● If you put it in a place visible from the living room, I would like to ask designers for home electronics. Mirror glass series of twin birds born from such a voice. ● Specification that the inside of the cabinet can be seen only when using it. When not in use, it gives the beauty as an interior. I've been renovating with particular attention to detail. ◆ In order to eliminate burning unevenness, I insisted until it was convincing. ● We are pouring in technology as well. ● Secure a size (up to 20 cm in diameter) that allows full frozen pizza to enter. ● Development was a difficult one. Initially baking unevenness occurred, and also the fact that it was repelled back from the cook in charge in the company. We tried many prototypes up to the point of mass production. ◆ Easy to take out the net and take out food easily. ● In order to solve the problem "When inside the cabinet is made wider, the thing at the back becomes difficult to take out", the net protruding was extended to 12 cm. ● Because Gridiron will halve, you can easily eat the dish. ◆ Reduction of burning unevenness with heat reflecting mirror glass ◆ You can see inside the cabinet only when using it ◆ Four-step output switching ◆ Inside large cabinet where 4 bread baked at the same time ※ ★ ★ Detailed description By "Newsbridge" ★ ★ ※