Versachop Trio, Extra Large 22 X 16 inch Cutting Boards for Kitchen, Butcher Block - Totally Natural Organic Moso Bamboo board with three Stainless Steel Bowls attached for easy chopping

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Color: Bamboo


  • ✅ PROFESSIONAL CHEF RECOMMENDED: Easy to Clean and Maintain Bamboo Cutting Board. No Juice grooves that accumulate dirt and grime. Bamboo a natural material that is tough, easy to maintain and scratch resistant but also gentle on knives.
  • ✅ INTEGRATED STAINLESS STEEL BOWLS: Unlike other Cutting Boards for Kitchen, proudly display in the kitchen or Cut’N Serve as a Charcuterie Tray. Follow recipes better; organize and segregate foods to until cooking for that fresh cut taste. Transfer to the pan from the attached bowl or store for use later. Non-slip feet make it safer.
  • ✅ LARGE SURFACE AREA: 22” X 16” area for all your cutting and organizing needs. 3.8 cm Thickness provides the Weight and heft needed for any top of the line wood butcher block. Non-Slip feet provide enhanced stability and keep the bottom clean. Use it for meal prep or as a platter for all your gatherings.
  • ✅ 100% NATURAL BAMBOO: Sustainable, Renewable, Panda Friendly. Elegant look, Unmatched Quality, Non Slip Feet, approved materials, no artificial coatings, BPA free, no melamine unlike semi-synthetic boards. Doesn’t get scratched like plastic chopping boards.
  • ✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEED – 100% RISK FREE PURCHASE: With VersaChop by SimpliPHY, we strive to ensure that only the highest quality premium products reach our new and loyal customers. Just let us know how we can make things right if you encounter any issues.

Details: VERSACHOP Trio - Bamboo Cutting and Carving Board with Three Bowls

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Easy Maintenance: Compared to most woods such as Maple or Cherry, which require frequent oil or wax application, Bamboo is easier to maintain. It is also tough and resistant to knife scars or stains which serve as bacterial growth incubators.

Elegant and Clean: The uniformness of Bamboo and the Clean Edge Grain pattern rsults in a beautiful cutting board that can be proudly displayed in your kitchen for years.

Durable and Dense: It is important to select a dense material such as Bamboo, in order to minimize water retention in the wood. Water Retention and Heat are the primary causes for warping and splitting.

Renewable and Biodegradable Natural Bamboo is replenished under three years, unlike tree woods, that take significantly longer to grow. Bamboo is environmentally friendly and biodegradable unlike plastic boards.


Prime your VERSACHOP with a food grade oil gently rubbed into the board with a dish rag.

Hand Wash using a mild soap. Do not put in a Dishwasher.

Remove Stains and Deodorize periodically with lemon, salt and baking soda

Characteristic Features:

✓ Three beautiful Stainless Steel bowls included.
✓ Non-Slip Feet, Extra Large Surface Area.
✓ Organic Natural Moso Bamboo.
✓ Comes in a Beautiful Box with instructions.

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