WHF WMF Perfect Premium Pressure 4.5 L Cromargan Polished Stainless Steel 2 Cooking Levels All-in-One Rotary Knob Suitable for Induction Cookers Dishwasher Safe Diameter 22 cm, Silver

Brand: WHF

Color: Silver


  • Contents: 1x pressure cooker basket not included use (volume 4 L, Diameter 22 cm) with lid and silicone sealing ring  Item Number: 0795829990
  • Material: Cromargan 18/10 stainless steel, polished, dishwasher safe, easy-care and acid-resistant. Plastic handle. Washer and removable lid handle not dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for all heat sources including induction. TransTherm universal base: Patented base construction with smooth, even heat distribution and long heat retention for energy efficient cooking
  • Two cooking levels for exact cooking results (Vitamin: 107 °C, speed: 115 °C). Litre scale on, Big cooking signal. Controlled sources steam vent. Easy to use all in one rotary knob
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Details: The success story of the WMF Ideal pressure pots continues. Because the Ideal Premium brings momentum to the kitchen, in which it makes fast, healthy cooking even more comfortable and easier. And thanks to the proven all-in-one rotary knob with one hand. This further development of the Ideal Series impresses with its usual ideal functionality and impressively underlines the WMF premium leadership in energy-saving pressure cooking. The 4.5 litre pressure cooker is the all-rounder in the kitchen. It can be quickly prepared side dishes, but stews and soups can also be prepared in a pressure cooker 4.5 litres in larger quantities. Eating habits change. Often it has to go quickly when cooking, as with professional families with children but also in single households. Most people still want to eat consciously. Wellness is one of the major trends of the present. The WMF pressure pot fits perfectly. Because cooking is quick and easy when you master a few steps. And the healthy nutrients in the food are largely preserved - unlike in a microwave. In addition, the pressure pot is safe and requires hardly any maintenance. Like all other pressure pots, the ideal premium pressure pot is made from indestructible Cromargan. Simply remove the handle for cleaning and keep it under running water. The design is timelessly classic, the technical equipment complies with the current standard. Preparing food in the pressure cooker is modern, fast and healthy. Due to the extreme pressure and high temperatures, conventional cooking times are reduced by up to 70 percent - with a simultaneous energy saving of about 50 percent. Vitamins, nutrients and minerals are mostly preserved through gentle cooking, the food is nutritious and tasteful. CONVENIENT - Pressure pots are suitable for preparing almost all foods - vegetables, meat and fish, cereals and legumes, soups and stews. Preserved food and baby food are also great in the steaming pots. With its easy handling and safe technology, the pressure pot also scores. In short: it is a thousand that you should not do without it.