Woll Diamond Lite Sauté Pan, Diamond Reinforced Nonstick Pan, 11-Inches

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Brand: Woll

Color: Black


  • THE ULTIMATE SAUTÉ PAN: Woll's Diamond Lite Sauté Pan is made in Germany and is designed with five layers for enhanced longevity: a diamond reinforced topcoat, a long lasting nonstick base coat, a unique anti-corrosion layer, a cut resistant base layer, and a sandblasted aluminum layer. The durable topcoat cooks and cleans with ease and delivers excellent heat retention for efficient heating and even browning.
  • NONSTICK SAUTÉ PAN: Woll cookware represents the next generation of diamond reinforced nonstick pans using real diamonds for extreme durability. Produced in an eco-friendly state of the art factory in Germany, developed exclusively for applying this coating. The diamond reinforced topcoat layer provides the long lasting nonstick effect and excellent release properties, which means that cleanup couldn't be easier.
  • VERSATILE: This nonstick pan is suitable for most all types of stove tops, including electric and gas! It features an ergonomic, bakelite handle that provides a comfortable, secure grip. Whether you need to sear a steak or sauté vegetables, this professional grade pan will elevate your cooking experience. This premium quality sauté pan allows you to become a chef in your own kitchen.
  • CARE INSTRUCTIONS: This cookware can be used on the stovetop on medium heat and in the oven up to 500°F. This sauté pan is PFOA-free and dishwasher safe. With proper care, this highly developed pan will remain sturdy and reliable for years of culinary adventures.
  • WOLL QUALITY: Since 1979, Woll has been producing high end diamond reinforced nonstick cookware made exclusively in Germany. Now in its second generation of family ownership, Woll uses technology that is state of the art to provide the highest quality cookware.


Diamond Plus Premium German Non-stick Cookware


Woll's patent pending German engineered technology is more than just diamonds, it is the process. We combine real larger diamonds with advanced robotics in a multi-layer process. The difference is not just in the cooking surface, but also in the German manufacturing technology of an improved cast molding process, versus the more traditional method of pressure casting. Woll's state of the art process eliminates the need for oily silicon materials used to release the pans from its mold. These materials are the fundamental reason for imperfections in the final product, such as bubbles and reducing a pans heat conducting ability. This brings Woll one step closer to creating the perfect pan.

Woll's multi-function robotic engineering technology precisely controls the Nano-application process perfectly when applying the multilayer system of PFOA free nonstick material, to deliver a pan with superior durability and performance.

This unique process includes meticulous cleaning and drying times in between each step of the coating application, strengthening the bond. It uses the equivalent of over 7 football fields in length of drying ovens to ensure a flawless application every time. The company's' German engineered manufacturing process is why Woll USA guarantees extended durability and lifelong cooking performance.