YUCHENGTECH Balance Syphon Siphon Coffee Maker Belgian Belgium Luxury Royal Family Siphon Syphon Balance Coffee Maker 450ml (Gold)

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Color: Gold


  • 1.【Advantages】 : As early as the 19th century, this type of product has become a coffee pot for the royal court in Belgium. It not only shows the beautiful and romantic coffee making process, it is a commendable and beautiful work of art. The elegantly shaped pots make the otherwise ordinary coffee pots dazzling, as if they were born with aristocratic atmosphere.
  • 2.【Working principle】: It combines several natural force elements such as fire, steam, pressure, siphon pot principle and lever balance, making the operation more enjoyable. Without the need to connect to the power supply, the process from coffee extraction to automatic turning off can be realized intelligently, making the whole process of making coffee like a magic show.
  • 3.【Automatically extinguish the alcohol lamp】: adopts the gravity ball design and utilizes the principle of leverage. When the coffee is successfully extracted, it flows into the coffee pot. At this time, the alcohol lamp cover falls due to the increase of gravity. It is automatically extinguished, and you can enjoy delicious coffee without manual supervision.
  • 4.【Convenient cleaning and maintenance】: The detachable design makes daily maintenance and cleaning more convenient, avoiding the long-term accumulation of coffee residues that affect the taste and health, etc., bringing you a better life experience.
  • 5.【ABS oak non-slip bottom seat】: The bottom is equipped with silicone non-slip foot pads, which are firmly attached to the flat surface and are not easy to fall. Carefully polished, the corners are soft and gentle, hard and textured.

Details: Usually the product will be sent in 1-4 working days and takes about 2--7 business days to reach you. Characteristic: 1. Upgraded metal balance gravity hammer design, using balance bar and siphon principle, the brewing process is clear at a glance, and you can feel the pleasure of cooking coffee. 2. Automatic flameout design, the alcohol lamp will be automatically closed and extinguished after the coffee is brewed. 3.450ml large capacity coffee maker, can make multiple cups of coffee at a time. Not only can brew coffee, but also re-brewed tea, etc. 4. The detachable design is easy to clean and prevents dirt from being generated inside. Portable structure, easy to carry. Instructions: 1. Add appropriate amount of water to the metal pot and cover it tightly. 2. Put the required coffee powder into the glass pot at the other end. 3. Lift the metal pot, open the lid of the alcohol lamp, jam the lid of the alcohol lamp with the metal pot, and light the alcohol lamp. 4. When the water is heated, the hot water flows into the glass pot with the siphon to come into contact with the coffee powder. Once the water in the metal pot becomes less and less weight, it will make the alcohol lamp cover rebound and turn off the flame. 5. After the metal pot is no longer heated and cooled, the coffee is separated from the coffee grounds through the filter at one end of the siphon, and the liquid is slowly sucked back into the metal coffee pot from the glass pot, and the delicious coffee is complete.